What if?

I am in the business of promising people that I would make them more marriage-ready through one-on-one coaching. While I try my best to keep up my end of the deal, there are some things in the world I cannot influence - supply of soulmates. Even if you are more marriageable at the end of... Continue Reading →

Letters to my Berry#6

  Berry, mi amor, you turn half today. Whee! What an eventful month this has been for you. On 3rd March, you moved from Bangalore to London and that was your very first flight. This was a moment I’d be dreading all my life because people with babies are not very popular on a flight.... Continue Reading →

Distinguishing between loves

On my flight from Bangalore to London yesterday, I watched Woody Allen’s “The Cafe Society”, a 2016 romantic drama that has a chain of betrayed relationships - one man leaving his wife for another and then this one leaving for another and so on. Woody Allen’s movies are always about unrequited or in-satiated love and... Continue Reading →

To baby or not to baby?

Someone I know is contemplating having a child and so, she asked me for advice. I panicked. Why couldn’t she just find one of those breast-feeding, baby wearing, cloth diapering, attachment parenting type mothers of instagram?! On most days, I believe I was never designed to be a mother. I knew this even when I... Continue Reading →

Letters to my Berry#5

I like to now famously say that my honeymoon is officially over. As you see in the picture above, you are now fully mobile. It’s hard to contain you in your bouncer or within our kind sized bed. You’ve have this thing about you - When you discover something new, you don’t stop doing it.... Continue Reading →

Hobbies, habits and hobbits

In the past, women were made to sing or have their hobbies like tailoring/ crochet skills praised at the bride seeing ceremony because most of the time these women were going to be housewives and had to justify how they would spend time productively at home besides cooking and tending to the family. Today, both... Continue Reading →

PG rated spouse hunting

Despite pivoting from matchmaking to matrimonial advisory, I continue to get tonnes of calls everyday from some aunty or another about their son (not daughter, mind you!) who is in the market. I try to explain what I do but somewhere through the conversation, I just give up and tell them to ask their wards to get... Continue Reading →

Pinning memories on a wall.

In an attempt to preserve/ pass on some of our customs, Karthik and I have decided to celebrate a few select festivals since the birth of our daughter, Abheri. The most recent one was Sankranti and as per tradition, we went to a few of our relatives’ houses to “beer yeLLu kabbu”. We happened to... Continue Reading →

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