The London tube life

“A 100 years ago, when I decided to work in London, taking the tube at rush hour made me feel like I was a part of something really big getting into a packed train every single day”, my colleague laughingly exclaimed. The very same evening as I walked into St.Paul’s station after a long day of work,... Continue Reading →

Letters to my Berry#8

I can’t believe how fast you are growing up, I almost had to think twice before I wrote #8 above. You’ll grow up in a jiffy and before I know it, you’ll be a teenager, you’ll hate me and argue with me and what not. Boy am I not looking forward to that. For now,... Continue Reading →

Fifty shades of Grey

So, finally, after a billion years, I managed to watch 50 shades of Grey, only because it was available on Netflix. I had heard a lot about this movie and how it had managed to sell BDSM even to the Radha Bais of Rajajinagar, so you can imagine my expectations from the movie. The movie... Continue Reading →

Living for social approval

Growing up, I was forbidden from doing several things (being “too” fashionable, drinking, dating, etc.) and the number one reason presented to me had something to do with how the society would perceive it. As you can imagine, being a teenager, that never seemed like a good enough reason for me to care about. Why... Continue Reading →

Why is suffering a much glorified idea?

Growing up in India, every kid has probably heard Gandhi ji's famous quote about non-violence - "If someone slaps you on one cheek, show them your other cheek as well". But my philosophy in life is modelled after actor Malasree in the Dynamic star-Devraj starrer Kannada movie, Gruhapravesha, where she champions self defence by stopping her... Continue Reading →

Complicating our lives

As I walked out of my office this evening, I started thinking about how I want to organise my evening once I reach home in order to make the most of my time. I wanted to clearly segregate the time I spent cooking, cleaning up, etc. from the time I spent with Berry. The context switch... Continue Reading →


Have you had an ugly break up, left feeling stranded with a billion unanswered question and wanting just one cordial meeting with your ex to get some sort of a closure so you can move on? Have you drifted apart from a best friend without knowing why and wish you could talk just once to know... Continue Reading →

Market for renters

For most of my life, I have lived in owned houses and the few times that I have rented one, I’ve been super fortunate to get some great landlords who haven’t been “Ramanamurthys”! They’ve always attended to all requests quite promptly making the renting experience quite comfortable. Having said that, I am a fairly decent tenant... Continue Reading →

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