Entering another universe

The eyes of a blind person are the most beautiful as they see things they’ve never seen ever before, in the most creative ways. I think imagination is the very first sense everyone is born with. So sight is replaced by imagination for blind people. If i have one desire in life, that would never be fulfilled would be to see through the eyes of someone who is born blind. There is a true artist in every such person and to hear about this art from a blind person’s imagination is the closest any of us can ever get to a blessing. I believe these eyes are like blackholes that suck all the light from this universe and if you ever entered it, one can get lost into an entirely different world. So, the next time, you meet 2 hollow eyes, dont look through them, look into them and if possible, beyond them because life begins at the other end of these eyes – in their minds,hearts and souls!!


3 thoughts on “Entering another universe

  1. Good one!!

    Hey this is Karthik,

    Just came acrodd your bolg! Your thought about Blind people is a novel one!!

    To me ppl who try to run away from the society or blaming are the blind ones!! and not the physically disabled ones!! wat say??

    do visit my so called blog!! http://abject_cretin.blogspot.com/



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