Not such an awesome threesome

Being stuck amidst a couple is always a mess. Why do I always find myself in a not so awesome threesome that too in a two girl one boy combo. Once in high school and again in undergrad. Twice bitten, now what, third time shy? Hopefully.


2 thoughts on “Not such an awesome threesome

  1. chemistry is a funnny thing… da mind is a funny thing.. what it wants it trie to get… unfortunately in life it doenst always work out….. sometimes someone makes such an impact on da brain that it refuses to accept the possibility that we cant be with them, and da more we refuse to acknowledge that the more the brain seems obsessed with him/her… the best way to break free is to act on the feeling and give in… atleast then you know that u gave it ur best…

    the fear for me is not the fear of knowing something it is the fear of the unknown…

    whether u want it or not one smile of urs can change a persons day, one action of urs can change a life…. life is powerful and u shud wish to make an impact on more and more lives…. only thru them u live on for ever 🙂


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