I feel

I feel used
I feel like a verbal whore
I feel drained
Like I have absolutely nothing to offer!

I seem to find pleasure
in nothin more than fake words
I trust those words
cry endlessly when I know they’re just words
not a dime more!

My true love doesn’t deserve a drought
I don’t seem to have enough to flood
All that I have
seems to be wandering away
into imaginary bubbles
which are only colourful
till reality bursts them!

Would I ever know when he comes?
Would he ever want anything more than my words?
Would he see beyond my words?
Would I see beyond his?
Would I still fear..
all that’s in store
Would I ever give myself
more than just verbally???


6 thoughts on “I feel

  1. have you ever observed the rain?

    Yeah… have you ever observed the rain…
    Not just see it fall
    but observe…
    the ‘clitter-clatter’ it makes on an old tin roof;
    the pace it falls with- at times a light drizzle and at others-a fiery torrent;

    your journal reminds me more of the ever-so-changing rain patterns and the plethora of mixed thoughts in our head is intriguing…

    -An observer of the rain


      • Re: have you ever observed the rain?

        Did you know that ‘Hmmmm…’ is an expression which could mean differently in different cultures across the world.

        In Zulu tribe, its a phrase used a lot in mating rituals.

        In medieval europe, it was a sign of giving a command to Knights.

        In the age of Romanticism (the golden age of european culture) it signified appreciation,especially for art.

        In ancient india, it was used to communicate with the ‘untouchables'(the shudras).

        So… my dear ‘Favrito’, what context does your ‘Hmmm…’ mean?

        – An observer of the Rain.


  2. what is this about, i read it i am gettin lost, there seems to be a series of events which are implying to yourself but suddenly you deviate toward ‘him’.

    you know your ideas, you know the truth in them and still you seem to be confused. i cant get yo i this

    ””i shall know when he comes,
    i’ll show him beyond my words,
    i’ll see beyond his
    i’ll brave
    i’m more than my words.””

    is the ending i wud have wished to see, think about it.

    –VRSTUPIDS(logica incognito)


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