New Year’s eve

At the horizon….when evrything seems to end…SEEMS mind u!!
It’s new year’s eve..its been almost like three incarnations now!! no where close to salvation..!! three million and 3 more lives to live…one body…one soul..but 3 million n 6 pieces of the mind..!! and exactly half the number of pieces of my heart..but held together by sheer will power..!! looks like a diffuser im sure…coz it feels like it cant hold anythin within anymore….
But, who cares…like i said earlier…its new year’s eve..time to shed ur old skin..and put on a new fake one jus to play by the rules of this enormous play production that im a part of…here…on this planet..!!
I’ve always wondered why god jus not only created us,living creatures on this planet…but made our lives so complicated… I wonder wha he’s gonna learn from this experience of his!! hmmmm… funny guy thou!!
A million resolutions…all lying right behind us…not thought abt even once…untill its time to show off in front of frenz who’s the least ambitious one!!
This year’s gonna be jus another yr’ll be over even before u make newer resolutions…..
not gonna be one inch taller…nor an inch wider…
At this horizon…i pledge to still remain homosexual…oh thats jus coz lady luck still wants to linger around for longer..!!
all that i hope to grow is the width of that tiny lil curve on my face…that has the power to set things straight…SMILE!!


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