I see you

The best of friends
who make random unpredictable appearnces to each other
bringing along a bundle
of suprises, happiness and
that mellow feeling that swells up your hearts

A very spontaneous smile
thats a vague reflection o ur heart
and a rhythm of the heart beating
that keeps ringing in your ears..silently.

Imagine absolute silence-
When just the eyes and smiles
do all the talking and
When no words make sense anymore.

She’s out on her journey
beautiful gardens,deserts…just hell and heaven passing by.

He’s out somewhere travelling too
Also trying to find their destination
checking on her every now and then
But never ever letting her know he cares!!
She knows he needs no assurance
about how much she cares
neither does she need any from him!

Every now and then when its spring,
they bump into each other.
He sees her,
She sees him
in that perfect random situation,
when just their eyes and smiles
catch up on all that they’d missed.

Gently giving a warm little peck on her ears
he whispers-
“Oh! This one time…”


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