Is it true they play good movies only during exams?

Unbelievable..but i’ve seen few very good movies during exams!! Its a good mix of totally cool stories, some brilliant performances, hot actors and well just entertainment value. I think chik flicks are so god damn entertaining. Today for example, watched this movie called “John Tucker must die” which totally worth the two hours!! All these movies have the same god damn story – the hottest guy in school/college, captain of the football or the basketball team (psst..turn on only for Americans as sports team captains have more sweat than grey cells!)dating the hottest girl, mostly the head cheer leader(wonder why thats hardly a popular concept here?) but leaves her for a clumsy insignificant messed up small town chik who turns into bomb, due to dire circumstanes and they live happily ever after..blah blah blah!!

Well, on the other hand, there are movies based on slightly mature concepts handled by immature people again…”Fascination”(Whoa!!the story is totally twisted..but a sitter, no doubt). “Noelle” and “Goal”( i’ll give it to these two for the hot actors!! Anna Freil…my god!! Especially that first scene of hers where she’s playing the nurse and the sunlight streaming down her face and hair..and those lusssscious lips!! Phew..okay i might have some homosexual tendencies). Oh and “good woman” starring Scarlet Johanson who believes her husband’s cheating on her with her mother, who she actually doesn know is her mother. Well the mother happens to be the “good woman” in the movie! Its based on Oscar Wilde’s “Lady Wendemeir’s fan”.

“Under the Tuscan sun” – loved the backdrops!
“Sisterhood of travelling pants” – really adore the concept..and basically like most movies with a greek backdrop!
“The hand that rocks the cradle” – creepy.
Oh and “Coyote ugly” – hot actors again.
“When Harry met Sally” – love the fake orgasm!!
“Mr. and Mrs.Iyer” – very insightful.

The endless list of all the Desi English wanna be movies..but some of them make sense thou weird. Oh i could just go on and on about english,kannaga,telugu,tamil,hindi,malayalam movies that i watch out of desperation to beat boredom(studying)!! But now, im gonna stop because i’ve either gotta study or catch another good movie as they play good movies only during exams,right?!


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