I’ve been doing some thinking about the existence of a supreme being and finally I might have an opinion on this matter now. Considering i haven’t studied any vedas or bible or the quoran, i can’t exactly fathom God as a clean shaven Rama or some other holy dude! But for me, God is someone within each of us, more like the best part of us. It’s what makes me get that strange ‘brahmanish’ feeling I get everytime i go to shankarmutta, when guilt, pride, sorrow, joy, shame and every other feeling hits me and makes me surrender to something greater than anything I know.

Every time i ask god to forgive me for something stupid that I’ve done, it’s just me giving myself some time to reflect upon my actions and also a chance to forgive myself. Every time I restlessly pray before an exam, it’s just me taking out sometime to be composed and stay focussed on what lies ahead, make sure I’m confident to do my best. The loud prayer is just a superficial disguise for a silent conversation with myself. So that leaves me with a conclusion that God is just this happy feeling mixed with a lot of other stuff that’s mostly within me and comes out whenever I want it! 🙂

PS : All those who want to argue about the ‘brahmanish’ feeling, go to hell! i am a pseudo racist and thoroughly enjoy being one!!


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