Lovestruck or heartbroken?

Sweetness it crept in with..
suprises and happiness it brought..
just like these words..
outta the blue..
unasked for..
effervescent feelings..
passion it instilled..
possessiveness that i possessed..
strength with which it held us..
silent promises made..
battles lost..
against myself..
convictions built..
walls i built around..
strengthen day by day..
all the bruises and tears..
wasted over an illusion..
so not logical..
cuz i cant seem to balance..
the losses and wins..
and myself too..
an unfair deal..
gods must have struck..
arrows that are drippin with ivy..
striking me always..
aimed so aimlessly..
preparing me to dogde..
the sweet arrow..
dripping only with..
non-dilly dallyish..
and oodles of happiness!!


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