Common mistake

Whenever i watch any movie or any sitcom, I tend to relate everything to my life and make a comparison. I think its just typical of a math lover to do that – looking for patterns all the time. Common mistake.

I was watching Everybody loves Raymond this morning in which Deb gets pissed at Ray when he tells that he wouldn’t mind sleeping with Angelina the waitress, and eventually Ray makes it up to Deb. Now you think that driving men to go through that process always results in them sucking up to you. Common mistake. No, it doesn’t.

Back in 2003, my then best friend, Shruthi and I watched Rules-Pyaar ka Superhit Formula. Rule No.1 to woo a hot guy was by ignoring him. We just blindly followed it. Common mistake. We got ignored back. Well, the only thing the movie did do was introduce us to our very first kissing scene in a Bollywood movie. We replayed it over and over again till we got over the fact that people kiss English movie shtlye in Hindi movies too!!

Different people react differently in different situations. Uncommon lesson yet to be learnt!!


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