Karabath series

If you are familiar with the traditional heN noding shastra (from kannada movies), then most common thindi that is served to the to-be-groom is Karabath and Kesaribath. Since i am not very fond of sweets, i’d prefer just the Karabath. (You get very yummy karabath in Veena Stores,Margosa Road,Malleswaram). Just like how you put your toe into water before you actually get into it, i decided to put my toe into the marriage market.Just a tiny viny dip. I might not even get into it after the dip..for a very long time. However, it all depends on the dip.
I enjoy giving random nicknames to friends and incidentally i met a friend who i call karabath(random nickname) and since we put a lot of marriage and relationship fundae usually, i decided to call this “the Karabath Series”.

I have recently discovered this concept of arranged lovvu marriage. Its not the same as louvvu arranged marriage. Note the subtle difference here. Both are louuvu wonly, but in the former you aren’t blind. Let me explain the process in brief(not the sardar joke brief).
First step is to keep your eyes open to delicious and nutritious tharkaris(potential marriage material girls/boys). Then, somehow through some network, make someone set you two up. Third, interact. with tact. Fourth, put meet. or beat. Fifth, this can go in three ways now. First, is a no. Definite no. Second, yes. Full yes. Third, Yes, but not yet. This is a lucrative possibility which gives super scope to put more meets, learn about each others funny faces, food tastes, sense of humour, patience, sense of dressing, chappliying, smells, etc. Finally, it’ll end up in louuvu..maybe not the gut churning romantic feeling for the other party like a unit function, out of nowhere. This is more sustainable like a step function built on affection, tolerance, enjoying each others company, comfort, care, etc and if it were to ever fall apart then it would be one step at a time and less painful.

If i were to explain the concept of multiple meets, then imagine a graph of pressure v/s number of meets. The pressure to be at your best goes on decreasing with increasing number of meets. So basically, when things are very comfortable, thats when the real person comes out unconsciously. So that time you can decide a yes/no. Of course, with high tolerance. Practical scenario, these curves are usually asymptotes.One can really never take the other for granted and drop the pressure completely.
By symmetry, just like how you found enough random things about the person to put a no, so did the other party. Probably, the other party is ready to make a compromise by accepting those not so nice things about you. Hence, it is important to be careful, so you aren’t ditching someone who is already making adjustments and compromises before madhuve, so they can be with you. Love is not blind, its about all the faults in them you dont mind.

Effort goes in from both parties to make this arranged louuvu marriage work. It has the same warranty period as any other type of marriage. I dont guarantee any special validity extension or pleasure max offers here. Just proposing a reasonable model for loveless rebels of arranged marriage!!

6 thoughts on “Karabath series

  1. love cum arranged marriage-very bery phunny!

    Seriously when ppl tell ‘ours was love come arranged marriage’ , i can’t help but laugh; are they saying arranged marriages have no love in them or that love marriages are just an ‘arrangement’. ?!


  2. if u escape reality, are u an escapist or a realist?

    Just like the aforementioned haunts me, the irony of an arranged cum love marriage or be it a love cum arranged marriage still haunts me.The problem with reality is that too often you see it with your own eyes,so i really don’t know when i would know for sure.hmmmm


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