Teach for yourself

With the ever increasing population, the world today lacks students. Not to critize, but to really stress on the responsibility of this “job” called teaching, i think it should have rather been called Teach for yourself and not for India! If all of these people were to teach for themselves, then they would learn as much as their students!

The only way to figure out what one’s passions are would be to just ask yourself one simple question. What is that one thing in the world that you are willing to do for FREE? Free of monetary benefits, status elevations, bullet points, etc except for the sheer joy of teaching!!

How many of these people are really willing to teach because they really want to? This is a rhetorical question.
If i find an answer to this, it’ll mostly be from a hypocrite. I dream of an era where a bunch of people who really want to teach to get together to do so. In terms of sustainability, such an idea needs a structure, active passionate participation and some amount of publicity.

In all probability, even this campaign started off as a noble initiative but unfortunately to run such a large campaign, some incentives need to be offered to attract a crowd to sustain the campaign. Being an optimist, i’d like to believe that atleast 5% of this crowd is truely passionate about teaching kids.
Unfortunately, the other 95% may not even realize what a huge responsibility they have.

Most of you might agree if i said, whatever we learnt in school is what we remember best even today!
A teacher starts kneading the dough and begin shaping and of course, during the course of one’s life, other factors also play an important role like peers, etc. Then again, peers are themselves molded by their own teachers. So, the values one picks up during school is most important. Since, teachers impart these values, they become very important.

Teachers make kids hate some subjects. If i hate geography, its not because my teacher didn’t know her subject well or because she didn’t share her knowledge with us. But its because she never taught me to love geography. The only thing i knew was to hate when i didn’t do well because thats how teachers, peers manufactured by teachers judged you on. Nobody likes being judged. Yeah, my geographic sense is still screwed up.

A bad teacher makes a bad student. A teacher who looks at teaching as just another job is doing no good to anyone. She neither grows in her life nor contributes to the positive growth of a kid.There have been a few teachers in my life who i have tremendous respect for, not because they taught me effectively enough to pass in their subjects but because they taught me to listen, think and speak!


One thought on “Teach for yourself

  1. You know the thing about bad teachers, they not only make bad students but also make good teachers of these bad students. Personally, bad teachers have taught me more than the good ones. Its easy to learn what to do, but to learn what not to do is hard. If I ever become a teacher someday, I’d know how not to teach. That to me is more valuable.


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