In a relationship with ..

When is it time enough to put up such a status on facebook, orkut, hi5 and other social networking s(h)ytes?
And who initiates it?
What does it depend on?
What are the implications?
And the likes!


4 thoughts on “In a relationship with ..

  1. I’d say never. Or maybe after the wedding pictures are up on fb
    And it implies that the world and it’s aunties are privy to your relationship status.


    • Saves infinite time and energy trying to individually tell every other person in your life. And also, lots of people who haven’t bothered keeping in touch start calling.
      It also makes good food for gossip in family and friends circles. I might as well enjoy the puNya of feeding people right?


    • If you are a pro, been there done that a few times, you’ll know.
      Else, you’ll just have to take a chance, address them as a girlfriend or a boyfriend casually and see if they twitch. If they don’t, i would say you were lucky and made the right move…or things could go horribly wrong and you probably snapped them.
      A lot of people are very jittery about these tags associated with relationships. It makes them very uncomfortable, so its best to avoid using those words.
      Then again, some others love tags, so it all ultimately depends on the individual..and most importantly your gut feeling!


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