Pretha yuga to Preethi yuga..the warpzone in between.

A personal message to a long-time lover.

It was too early to let you know i was there way earlier than we’d decided to meet. I was there early simply because i’d gotten off from somewhere earlier than i’d expected to. I wasn’t eager to see you as you already know. I feared reaching there late though because I am a sucker for punctuality. If i reached there late, then you’d have reacted in a way for me to put you under a type. some type. I didn’t want to judge so soon. Atleast I tried. Quite honestly, i haven’t really found a type to put you under yet.

You came as early as you could when I hinted on getting there early. I put on some gloss as i waited on a lane parallel to subammana angadi. I brushed my hair a lil bit. I ensured all my toes were well covered so as to not let you know i ain’t girlie. I had no nail colour on. It was a little bit sunny, but just the right kind. It was 4:20 (as usual) and I decided to do a gloss check again and walked towards rally point. We had timed it quite well. We stood on opposite sides on the road and just glanced at each other for maybe a second or even less. A half smile. A more than full hug (You had been typecast that very moment) and the rest is history!

Happy meeting anniversary, love.


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