Are we saving the planet or merely political parties?

It was generally one of those days when I had made all the right moves. I got on to the right bus, I got off at the right stop, again I chose the right mode of transportation to get home. I think traveling by public transport generally makes me feel very good. Ok yeah, I’m a cheapo.

All said and done, it’s any day less tiring than sitting in an auto and straining your eyes looking at the meter. All thanks to my schoolmate Aishu, I always have this creepy thought in the back of my head while traveling in a bus.. What if someone pokes a syringe into my bum and the next thing I know I have a poster on my back saying “Welcome to the world of AIDS”. So I always wear my bag and sit so I cover my back, which means I would prefer being the only person sitting on a 2-seater, since I can stretch my legs diagonally given the limited amount of seating space I have wearing my bag (which is something I observed only today).

I got off at the right time and then I was walking back home from 1st block bus stop thinking about government and society and then I stopped to notice that there was something different about the footpath in 1st block. Many trees had been planted along the footpath with a neat fence to make sure no animal eats them up. I was quite impressed by the corporator who had taken this initiative, whose name was there on one of the fences. But then I noticed something not so surprising  – all fences had lotuses (the Bhartiya Janata Party symbol) but no leaves.

No doubt it’s a great initiative in times of global warming and all that but it made me wonder if he wanted to save the planet or his party.


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