Bimba-The (f)art hut

Every evening I pass by this old really old house that’s been converted into a bright orange thing called “Bimba-The Art Hut”. Its got a strong pseud national integration flavour to it with an old ajji in a traditional indian sari(there is a srilankan kind of sari as well, which i found out only recently)and this muslim chap hanging around always! As someone who appreciates most art forms, I was curious to go find out what this place has to offer. Strangely, I hadn’t gotten around to doing that for a very long time.

Disclaimer : I am not an art critic, but I just feel art is a form of expression. As simple as that. When your expression needs too much explanation and words that make the art larger than what it represents, you’ve failed to use art as a medium to express yourself. And no, I don’t believe art is for celebrating life, no! no, no!

Last evening, finally, while the husband and I were randomly putting beat in NR colony, husband wanted to check out this Bimba place since I’d been talking about it a lot. Very hand mady nice crude looking setup it was. We were welcomed by that same old ajji. But, the only hiccup was that we’d to take off our footwear to go inside this store and you don’t want to take so much trouble for ambit window shopping.

The design of the store reminded me of this fabulous home decor store called ‘paradise cafe’ in Srilanka except I could smell something fishy about the place. The elaborate context of the concept of the store being explained by the guy who runs it overshadowed the works on display. I simply couldn’t understand why this man had to digress so far from rationality in getting us charged up emotionally to buy into the art. He spoke about retaining the natural textures of all materials they work with(great!!)& celebrating life(wtf???). All I ever asked him was about who their artists were but he went on this trip on how everything is so commercialized nowadays and that such art stores don’t really provide a platform for people to ‘celebrate’ their hobby but only try to create an opportunity for the stores to make money.

However, he contradicted himself by saying most of the work is done by some lady in the backyard. (I dont mean to be judgemental but this lady he spoke about was his wife who probably went to an expensive art school & the high prices on their stuff was to recover all she’d spent on her fancy course). He went jabber jabber jabber on how people talk about going green while they mass manufacture. But, real essence of going green is in making exclusive one of pieces like the ones he sells.

I liked their work, their concept, their initiative to create value but what i hated most about it was how he had to talk more than he had to show. Its out of the bag now. Going organic or green is the latest excuse for a scam (I am not generalising so don’t come and kill me you real green fellows).


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