Chiranjeevi Sudhakara Detective Agency Vs Mark Zuckerburg

I ordered an Italian salad and my favourite red sauce pasta at Mondo and comfortably tucked myself at one of the vertices of the scalene triangle which my husband, his friend and I formed at Mondo. This friend had been in the arranged marriage market for a respectable duration. I was still gloating about the success of my post on how men and women comprehend arranged marriage markets differently, when the friend says “Being from a reputed B school, she has only 268 friends on Facebook, now what does that say about her social skills?” This was the very same guy who judged another girl on Facebook as being too socially active since she had 2000 odd friends and had several party type photos accessible to public. Just in my previous post, I risked taking down all my girlfriends (including myself, of course) as being too judgmental and petty, but here I am now, saying guys are no less at all.

About two decades ago, in the era of Raghavendra Rajkumar (as in Chiranjeevi Sudhakara), detective agencies were as popular as real estate enterprises when due diligence was a specialized skill. In today’s modern day and age of Mark Zuckerburg, when practically everyone’s uncles, aunties and
grandmothers are on Facebook, social media is a surrogate for peeping into everyone’s lives. Now, for those of you who feel this is an insane intrusion into your private space, my heart goes out to you.
While others who want to know more.. here are a few things you want to watch out for :
Those of you who get tagged recklessly in random photos, take some time out to filter them regularly. And never ever appear in the company of those who have ‘habits’. If you have liked too many communities, it’s now time to weed out the ones that can stereotype you. If you thought putting up a caricature of you was cute, be sure your nose ain’t out of proportion with the rest of your face like mine. If you appeared on page 3 with someone from the opposite gender, you better have an explanation for that!!

If you thought that the arranged marriage spouse selection is too superficial and preposterous, you’re right. And there’s absolutely nothing wrong with that. You have limited time to thoroughly inspect the product (in this case, a potential bride/ groom) you intend to make your own, so you’ve got to have a strong filtering mechanism to get the best. Like I say in my previous post, it’s like trying on a dress..if you’re lucky, you get to try on the dress a couple of times and walk the stretch of the trial room, squat, bend it over backwards, etc before you think you’re good to buy it. There’s no way one can test for endurance and it’s a chance we all take, be with dresses or life partners. Having established the pettiness of this arrangement, it is only fair to have very specific requirements that need to be fulfilled for one to take the risk of enduring a decision!

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