Bygone Bangalore

I am born and bred in Bangalore. So naturally, I feel quite deeply about preserving Bangalore’s culture and charm I was part of a very interesting social experiment two evenings ago (More about it in another post) when I was introduced to this Facebook page that is an attempt to collect memorabilia of the bygone Bangalore – It is a growing community and I am sure lots of pictures are yet to make their way into this group. Meanwhile, here’s just my contribution for having joined the community. Mahalakshmi Tiffin Room – MLTR.

It’s a quiet little eatery on the buzzling DVG Road in Gandhi Bazaar. It is among the very few restaurants in Bangalore that still retains its old charm with the wooden benches and tables, wooden cool drinks cupboard, a family section, pleasant waiters clad in panche shalya who offer swift service and great food for a reasonable price. What makes this place special for me is that this place ain’t cult and so I don’t have to wait hours for a seat (Oops, I hope this does not in any way contribute to making this place a cult).

Khaali doses (a cross between plain dose and set dose) are a specialty. Khaali dose is usually served with chutney and sambar, but you can ask for a bowl of palya as well. You could finish of this quick thindi with some good filter coffee. I discovered this place on a date with the husband to be back in 2010 and I have been in love ever since.


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