Chasing a bullet point : Foreword

Through this series, I try to capture a part of my life through first impressions and judgements about places, people and things I encounter while I’m here chasing a bullet point. For as long as I can remember, I have always wanted to do an MBA (for reasons that become stronger by the day). I had made this “life plan” for myself when I was 17, according to which I decided to become a CEO for which I’d needed to get an MBA (Probably just after reading about Indra Nooyi) and the since that moment, I’ve been chasing that dream like it were a housefly! Somehow unconsciously  every little thing in my life became a bullet point henceforth. It was not a conscious effort and that made my desire to do an MBA that much deeper. 
Somewhere along the way, I really started to enjoy everything I learnt through the chase and came to believe that I was born to do an MBA and that nothing could stop me, until my personal life transformed drastically – I got married. I hadn’t accounted for the consumption of my mind space by domestic issues while making my professional life plan (well, I was only 17) and it took me almost 4 years post marriage to sort out the two. 
So, after 27 years of living in just one city, I had finally decided to let myself go venture into a lot of firsts. I took a nine hour flight from Bangalore to Frankfurt (en route Barcelona) for the first time, I moved out of my city for the first time, that too to a land where I didn’t understand or speak the language. Well, the list is endless but this was a start. I remember waking up several times on my flight from Bangalore to Barcelona and looking outside the window and wondering why I was doing what I was doing. I was leaving my entire life back in Bangalore and all of sudden it didn’t make any sense at all even though it was all a part of the grand “life plan”.
This was when I decided to document everything about my new life so that someday I could come back and read this and be able to make sense of it!

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