Chasing a bullet point : Chapter 3

Today’s big task was to open a bank account. IESE had recommended that we go to Banco Sabadell on C/ Capita Arenas because they had personnel who spoke English. I was so paranoid about getting there all by myself, I was constantly switching between google maps trying to figure my way out and texting Janita to coordinate meeting at the bank. After walking cautiously for about half an hour, I found the bank and saw a lot of IESE students waiting to collect their debit cards (which meant that they had already opened accounts a few days earlier).

It was quite late by the time we were done at the bank and we were starving to death. We wanted to find a local place to eat at (these things are so overrated) and after walking a distance, found a bar/ restaurant where we ate local food and it tasted OK. I would never take anyone there though. Through the lunch I ogled as Janita talked about her humungous family spread across different geographies and professions. She seemed like such a bhade khandan ki ladki. Dinner was interesting as well as Maxime, Melanie and I spoke about men, women and relationships in different cultures. Somethings like the male ego seemed like a common thread across cultures where as the way people find partners seemed fairly different. Indians tend to have a structured approach whereas the french seem to keep it open and don’t really have a framework to assess compatibility.

Since it was Melanie’s last night here in Barcelona, she wanted to come out for drinks with the Wolfpack. I had a feeling that it wasn’t going to be a very huge gathering given that just the previous night was pretty big but funnily enough I realised there is no such thing here in Barcelona. People live to party. We headed to this very interesting bar called Chupitos. It’s basically a shot bar with around 200 different kinds of shots. I just had one shot which I paid for. Why I specifically make a note of this is because a lot of people didn’t know who was paying for their drinks. I’m still trying to understand the payment dynamics around here. I don’t know if it’s a cultural thing or if there is a standard protocol to follow. Until then, I’m going to continue sponsoring myself unless of course someone really insists.

Anyway, there was one interesting drink called Monica Lewenski that I watched someone consume. Basically the bar tender blindfolds you, takes a dildo filled with wiped cream and tequila and shoves it in and out of your your mouth and then squirts the leftovers on your face. It was so funny to watch. Since Chupitos got really crowded, we decided to head next door to a bar called Jugs and Jars where I had 2 shots of Jaegermeister. It tasted like rum & coke. This round of drinks was (probably) sponsored by Bernardo from Brazil. He’s one of those fun laid back party type people who is really warm and friendly. I bonded with Marcus from Canada and realised that when you’re lost and have no one to talk to, find the next open spot – someone who’s silently waiting for an audience.

Then I started to hang around the bar with Janita, Daniela and Victor. I put some fundes on relationships and how to land the men you want, etc to Daniela. She said if I were made this into a business, she’d be my first customer. Janita and I bonded over shots too. She ordered a beer for me simply because she wanted me start drinking beer. I told her that it was too much liquid to be consumed to produce the effect that hard liquor produces with 60ml. When she paid for it, she got change from the bar tender that was left lying on the bar counter for a very long time. I thought that the bar tender hadn’t collected money for the beer from us and hence I gave the 5 Euro note lying on the counter back to the bar tender who strangely seemed extremely happy with me. I only later realised that I’d used Janita’s 5 Euro change to tip the bar tender for a 3 Euro beer  which we all just laughed about.


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