Chasing a bullet point : Chapter 5

Maxime and I got ready early today to go get our empadranomiento only to realise we didn’t exactly know where to get one. We asked our doorman who seemed clueless. We also asked him if there was wifi in our building that we could tap into as we were literally going crazy without internet. But, no. We were at the mercy of Sandwichez again (the cafe we’d gone to yesterday). We stepped out of our building and decided to ask the next building’s door man if he could help us and he only spoke spanish and that too really fast. He suddenly decided to take me to C/Paris where some Indians lived so I could communicate easily and get the information I needed but unfortunately they didn’t live there anymore. All along, he spoke non-stop even though I kept telling him ‘No entiendo’.

Finally, I made a few calls and got the address of the ‘Ayuntamento’ in Les Corts, to which we walked up (it wasn’t exactly so near also). For a govt office, it was super clean and damn empty, probably because it’s holidays in Spain now. We only waited for 2 minutes for our turn and the lady at the counter asked for our original contract and passport and Maxime told her in spanish that we don’t have it and she said it wasn’t going to be possible without that. So, he decided to leave. I asked him to just explain my NIE situation to her so we could get the empadro immediately because we couldn’t wait till Joao came. He was like ‘No, no, she said she can’t’. I said ‘Big deal, just try, what do we have to lose’. We tried and it worked. She gave us our empadro in 2 minutes! Maxime was pleasantly surprised and delighted because apparently in France, they don’t care about your situation if you don’t have the necessary documents. At that moment I learnt to stay Indian and never give up! More importantly, just try to make sense of why someone is asking for what they’re asking and evaluate if there’s a possibility they are willing to accept any less and if yes, just give it a shot.

We walked back from the city council to the cafe and along the way we spoke about how cheap the mac costs in India as opposed to how much it does in Europe. Maxime suggested that I bring 10 of them and sell them here here for a premium. Sometimes I wonder if ‘kantri’ness (being conniving) is not really just an Indian thing. Indians tend to be vocal about it while others maybe not so much. Or maybe, it’s just not fair to generalise at all. Later tonight, I will be heading out to Carlos’ place around 8:30 for a house party where at least 50 IESE students are going to be there. The plan after that is to go to a club called Opium but I think i’ll pass (even though I’ve already put myself on to the guest list for option value). I’m looking forward to tomorrow as the Vodafone technician is going to come over to fix our internet (I got a call from him and managed to converse in broken spanish and arranged an appointment for 10-11am tomorrow. Yay me!).


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