Chasing a bullet point : Chapter 6

I wasn’t planning to write about the party at Carlos’ last night but I was pleasantly surprised by how the party turned out to be. I heard most Americans say ‘Oh this feels like undergrad!’ It was a house party at 114, C/ Corsega at the temporary flat of Carlos and Jacob. Carlos was simply dressed in a Polo T shirt while Jacob looked all suave wearing a very eveningy shirt and his hair jelled backwards. I think he has the persona to do well in marketing (and that’s what he wants to do). He’s had a chance to talk to Ross Walker (Stanford grad who did well for himself in the real estate and hospitality industry and all) who helped him in identifying his career interests.

I was supposed to go in with Paaritosh and Sharan but since it was raining super heavily, I decided to go in and wait for them. They joined soon and we all chatted for a bit and then people broke off into groups of two, three, or more. I basically chatted with Keita and Sayaka (who’s sponsored, so lucky!), Nina and another Chinese guy whose name I didn’t catch (He worked as a consultant with Ernst & Young). I met Natasha, Daniela and Hunter (who is an American having spent 3 years in Japan). While Sayaka was promising to make me some yakitori sometime, Alex came looking for me. Alex is a Spanish guy for whom I had found a flatmate (Gaspar) and he has been ever so grateful since! We hugged. We didn’t cheek peck. He poured me some beer and he said that he owes me a treat for finding him Gaspar and that he’d take me to a game in FC Barcelona because he’s a crazy fan.

Then, I met this guy called Rafael (Alex’s flatmate) who used to be with the M&A team of Morgan Stanley in Singapore. He said he doesn’t want to go back to it because he seemed to be more interested in the general management aspects of investment banking than the financial modelling bit. It made me wonder if I felt the same. The more I spoke to people, the more confused I got. Meanwhile, a guy came and started to dry hump Rafael from behind and started talking to us.

He believes that a one-night stand is the only way to start a relationship. Once you have that out of the way, you can talk about each other and your feelings without being worried about whether that person would want to sleep with you or not. He told us that most women who’ve slept with him in the past have loved that he has a lot of body hair. He said that’s the trade mark of Catalan men. As strange as it seemed, I thought his theory was quite profound. At this point, I was down 2 beers and I wanted to pee but there was a line in front of the bathroom so I thought it was my cue to head home. Somehow the goodbyes seemed to take longer than the party itself.


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