Chasing a bullet point : Chapter 7

I woke up feeling so excited about the internet guy coming over to do the installation and that I would have internet to be connected to the world. Little did I know that Barcelona is way worse in terms of internet set up than Bangalore. After having spent a good 6-7 hours on this madness and just when I had given up on everything in life I got a voice note from Barbie. I didn’t have my ear phones around so I thought I’d listen to it in a while. And then I did. My heart skipped a beat while I heard that my dad had had a palpitation from an increased heart rate and had been admitted to the ICU in Columbia Asia. It shook my entire world. Everything I’d ever dreaded was coming true and I couldn’t stop hitting myself for having anticipated it before deciding to move here.

I just so badly wanted to take the next flight out to Bangalore and be there with my dad. He had never until that point been admitted into a hospital. Ever. It was just too scary for me to think about what was to happen. Who was going to drive him there and who was going to be the man around. I had a billion thoughts running in my head and it was all going out of control. I couldn’t make international calls, I couldn’t access the internet and I just wanted to cry so bad. I think Maxime understood and decided to leave me alone and headed out to the cafe. The moment he left, I started crying, wailing and wanted to just apparate (Harry potter term for being able to go from one place to another in a second) to Bangalore. I didn’t eat lunch as I just couldn’t bear the thought of this happening to me or my family.

Using the internet on my phone, I made calls to be sure that everything was ok. Barbie even sent me a picture and voice note from dad confirming that he was ok and then decided to head out to the cafe. On my way, I went to this pakistani grocery store next door to pick up some flour and rice. I spoke to them in Hindi and suddenly felt at home. It was so strange that all my life, I’ve learnt to not like the Pakistanis but in a foreign country, they seemed like my own countrymen. We always embrace familiarity – language, faces, etc. I mostly spent my time at the cafe talking to family and making sure dad was ok. I knew it would be a nightmare getting through the night for me as I’ve always known something terrible happening to people only when they say they’re perfectly fine.

This one incident just changed my entire world. I was suddenly damn sure I wanted to work in Bangalore or just one flight away from Bangalore post MBA because I wanted to always be there for my family. So, finally, I had one thing figured out about my career –  location. So, on that note, I decided to treat myself to a doner kebab on my way home and so stopped at this turkish place right next to my building. Since I said I dont speak spanish in spanish, they asked if I’m from India and they said ok, hum hindi mein bath kar skate hai and I was a bit perplexed. It turns out that they were Pakistanis and not remotely turkish. I had a very satisfying turkish (more like pakistani) meal.


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