Chasing a bullet point : Chapter 8

First day of class at IESE. I was super kicked. I got up early and got ready in semi formals, looking pretty and happy. I got to school and discovered that because I’m not a complete spanish illiterate, I had to take a test in order to be assigned to a class (Shit!!). We were already put into groups based on our test performance and were made to test on oral spanish skills and I did ok. I later took my laptop to the student IT dept to get myself connected to all printers, have all the mac-supporting applications on it all ready for classes. They said they would have it ready by 1:30 and I thought it would be right in time for me to finish all my work. I managed to get myself a NIE appointment for 10th September.

Then I had an appointment with Pascal and so I went to his temporary room at 12:15 and he was just finishing up with a senior who is the president of the Finance Club at IESE. Pascal is super enthusiastic about getting people into IBD because according to him there are too many companies and too few candidates. He pulled out my CV and said I have a great shot at the FMA role at Citi and that I should start working on my elevator pitch for the London Trek already. But this conversation was not helping me clarify if Financial services was good for me at all. He mentioned how IDB would give me more money than any of my classmates but it would consume 18 hours of my life every single day including weekends possibly! He said I should totally give M&A a shot if thats the kind of lifestyle i’m ok with.

A small voice inside my head kept saying, are you insane. That’s hardly a lifestyle I could sustain for a week. Yet another part of me was saying, if only I were single, this would be my one shot at repaying my huge loan quickly. But, I realised I couldn’t be hasty about this decision. I was beginning to wonder if the pain would really be worth it! Neverthess, Pascal told me that I could give it a shot during my internship and see if it works for me. He recommended two books that I should read and I headed straight to the library after meeting him and picked up the books.

Maxime and I decided to go get lunch somewhere on the Diagonal and we ended up at a spanish place where I ate turkey. Since I was eating really slowly, I had to gulp down my wine to keep up with Maxime and I ended up getting super drunk. This made me sleepy through out the day. I suddenly realised that I hadn’t picked up my laptop from school and hence, we took a taxi back to school and collected my mac. Maxime took me on top of the terrace of the North Campus and it was just mind-blowing!!!! It had the most spectacular view of Barcelona and of course I had to send a video of this view of Camp Nou back home because I know Karthik would have loved it!



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