Chasing a bullet point : Chapter 9

I started the day on a high thinking that I am level 2c which is way better than 2a and 2b but it turns out Level 2 has just been split into 3 groups because there are so many people in level 2. I tried hard to keep up my enthusiasm but it only lasted the first 2 periods. So class started at 9:45 and went on up to 11:00 after which we took a 15 min coffee break (If you bought coffee from the wending machine, then it’s 70 cents but if you asked the guy at the cafe gave it to you then it was 1.3 Euros -CRAZY!!) Anyway, I didn’t know about this when I ordered a cappuccino at the cafe but it tasted disgusting!

So, I just stood around the nearest group I could find and chatted with Jessica, the American, about her life in the wine industry and then soon enough, we headed to class. 2nd session from 11:15 to 12:30 was ok too but by the 3rd session at 12:45, I just felt like the professor spoke spanish way too fast for anyone to be able to understand. Initially, I thought I was catching up real slow because of hunger but it turned out that everyone felt the same. We couldn’t wait for lunch at 2pm. I was so drained out by lunch, that the whole experience of having to choose our own food from the grand array of stuff available in the cafeteria was just mind boggling. I looked around and saw that the queue for ravioli was short and also the choices to be made were quite straight forward (pesto, tomate or queso), so went ahead and picked up a plate of it only to later realize that it was filled with pork and beef meat. Eu. But hell, I was too tired to even bother. There were separate queues for paying by card and cash and luckily since I had credit on my card, I joined the shorter queue. My lunch costed me 4 Euros which I thought was fairly expensive for a medium portion of a ravioli (equivalent to eating the same at Sheraton in Bangalore!! Ok, I was still converting across currencies)

I sat alone at a table because I didn’t see any table that had any interesting people I wanted to catch up with and more importantly, I needed to clear my head off all the spanish and be anti-social for a while. Soon enough, Markus joined me and then Pritimay came along and cutely introduced himself as ‘Myself Pritimay Manna, yourself?’ I thought he had to be from IIT. Soon, lots of people came along and I managed to eat my food pretty quickly (20 minutes) and I had about an hour to kill till class started. I went over to the Indians table and chatted with them for a while. I realise it’s very comforting to hang out with the Indians.

Post lunch sessions were almost a blur. I kept regretting not going to level 1 constantly but I realised that if I didn’t push myself hard enough, I might never be able to find my new limits in life. I kept trying and failing but I wasn’t going to give up. I got home from school and decided to head out for dinner with the Indian gang at a restaurant called Lapopla. There was Malvika, Sangeetha, Geetika, Paaritosh, Sharan and Avinash. Most others seemed to be busy uncovering the new found diversity among our classmates since they didn’t even respond to the messages on the Indian group. I would say that I’m trying to find a balance between the two. I had a good time over dinner teasing Paaritosh to be like Hritik Roshan in Zindagi na milegi dobara. On Paaritosh’s demand, we took a group picture and the boys walked me home. I have to say that they are a bunch of really chivalrous boys. I like.


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