Chasing a bullet point : Chapter 10

We left home at 9:00 and caught the bus number 78. On the bus, I met these Philipino girls, Aimee and Pat, from IESE who I remembered from the Forte Fellowship list. Spanish class seemed to be a bit better than yesterday and I didn’t know if it was because she’d slowed down or I’d was selectively hearing words I was familiar with. During the 11:00-11:15 break, I just checked emails and saw that Anjaney Borwankar had sent me an email asking if I still want financial aid and I responded with a yes and the necessary details for the FAO to assess my case. *Keeping fingers crossed*

During the second break, I tried meeting Jordi, the guy who seemed ever so helpful till I got to Barcelona but was too busy to help with my internet now. He’s always busy and never bothers getting back. I don’t know if there’s a word for this – people who are nice virtually but seem otherwise in real. If there’s none, I’d like to coin one – JORDI. Still no good news about the internet, which meant that I’d be doing all my online work from school and socialise a little lesser till I get internet at home.

I had fish and fries with a grilled pepper for lunch and I guess I still haven’t settled on what I want to eat on a regular basis. I’m hoping the menu expands over time. The classes after lunch were a drag especially because I’d wanted a coffee during the break which I couldn’t get because the vending machine was out of service. I was having withdrawal symptoms and getting all jittery. Anyway, somehow pulled through both sessions post lunch as they were more activity based. Funny thing I noticed about Jiaxu, the super smart Chinese guy (who was unhappy with a 740 GMAT score!!) is that he did not get the concept of working in teams. We were usually put into teams to work on exercises and he always quickly finished the exercises on his own. There was one exercise about relationships that we had to work out (kind of like one of those NTSE relationship problems) and he did it in like 30 seconds while we took 5 minutes.

When I came back home that evening and was home alone, I realised that in Bangalore I was hardly ever left alone like this. I was always surrounded by people. So, now I felt quite lonely and at that exact moment mom sent me a few voice notes and that’s exactly what I wanted to the house with. I realised how I had taken everything for granted in my life – people, language people spoke, house work, etc. I know these 2 years will completely turn my life around. I decided to get on call with someone, anyone. So I called vodafone to get my internet fixed. I called a billion times and finally got through to the English speaking dude and our call lasted  nearly 40 minutes and voila, it was fixed! I have no clue what the problem was!!

I immediately texted Maxime about this and he brought me a bottle of champagne for fixing the internet. I have no idea how to open it and it sits next to my laptop while I type this.


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