Chasing a bullet point : Chapter 11

I woke up this morning at 6:21am swaying and not being able to stand still. I was hung over as hell. I went back to bed to sleep for a while but I could hardly sleep for half an hour and woke up with panic as I had some spanish homework to finish. If I have learnt one thing in the last few days here, it is – Do not procrastinate!! Do whatever needs to be done when it needs to be done else it gets super complicated. You are not only swarmed with work but also with tons of guilt.

In my first break at school, I ate a croissant and again hung out with random people as usual. I can’t wait for conversations to get deeper with people around here. I bumped into Achint who was eating nuts from a ziplock bag and she said she prefers to get food from home as she was spending a lot of money here and I was quite surprised that someone as young as Achint was saying this while I thought I was doing ok. This means there is some scope to cut down my expenses.

Again, my meal was a disaster. I sat with my class group and I see that everyone comes here with a fair idea of what they want to be and they work around that. For instance, Chris wants to be an entrepreneur and is on the look out to steal some idea while he’s here. Lol. He recommended to me that I join as a logistics/ operations consultant for an e-commerce or retail company and then after a few years become a freelance consultant. This is what I love about conversations with people as you get more and more ideas and irrespective of whether they make things better or worse, they’re all in there.

After class, I walked to the bus stop with Achint who told me about an app she used to track expenses which sent her a reminder every day at 5 and I wondered if I should use that too because I always forget to pen down my expenses. I chatted with 2 Korean guys and Amit during my bus ride back home and I’d decided I would get some reading and spanish studies done but none of that happened as I spent all evening talking to Jay. For some strange reason, Jay just wanted to talk lots with me and he just wasn’t letting go of me. Because he asked me not to tell anyone about what he said, I’m not going to put it down here but I’m super surprised with who he was in love with, more like I find it hilarious!!


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