Chasing a bullet point : Chapter 12

I woke up to my alarm at 6am and then slept until 7:30 while I was contemplating if I should go to the bank before school or not and I finally dragged myself out of bed because of my policy of no procrastination (however, I don’t seem to be able to apply it to studying yet). While I waited at the bus stop, I watched a few buses go by without realising I could’ve taken them only because stupid google maps shows up only 3 routes at a time. I finally caught a bus at 8:48 and reached the bank in time to collect my Debit card where I met a Chinese guy called Nelson, who I later walked with till the bus stop to School. He’s been a consultant with E&Y and wants to continue to do consulting as he doesn’t mind staying up till 3am doing powerpoint presentations or travelling 136,000 Kms a year. He said he likes that he has exposure to many different functions and industries which he loves about consulting and that made a lot of sense to me. I feel the same but I guess it comes at a cost.

We met two brazilian guys on the bus who are in some super senior level of Spanish because apparently Spanish is very similar to Portugese. I walked up from the bus stop with Nelson and Hiroki discussing if there were any good Chinese or Japanese restaurants in Barcelona. I picked up a donut just before I went to class as I was dying out of hunger especially after climbing the hill to school. Over lunch, I spoke to a Malaysian and a Dutch guy over lunch – one investment banker and another IP lawyer. We talked about optimising bus travels and best ways to get out of the airport. It was quite interesting. Post that, as usual I spent my lunch break talking to family like most married people do. So, it’s Ganesha habba back home today and I saw pictures of all the yummy snacks Mom and Barbie had made. I completely blocked it out of my head so I wouldn’t crave it.

The afternoon sessions were full of activities and they seemed to go by really quickly and it ended on a very sweet note as I devoured the Jaalmuri that Janita had brought from Bombay. I walked to the bus stop with Ekta and she asked me if my husband was ok with me living with guys and that her boyfriend would never be ok with that. I explained to her that Karthik and I had grown beyond such trivialities in life having been married for 4 years now. It made me realise how special our relationship was. I had to buy a ticket on the bus as my card had run out of rides and so I walked to the nearest metro station and as usual I lost my way!!! I walked all around the world before I got to the station and asked for the nearest ticket counter in broken spanish. I walked back home while my legs were killing me. Only upside being I’d bought a ticket with 50 rides and that meant I didn’t have to go back there for a while.


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