Chasing a bullet point : Chapter 13

First test in business school and I was under prepared as usual. I woke up a little early and studied a bit but nearly enough. I thought I could get to school and study but I realised it was a terrible idea. Bumped in Magnus from Norway and he said he was listening to reggae music because it helped him relax. I wish I could be that cool before an exam. That probably only comes with consistent effort and confidence neither of which I had at that point. I opened my book in the cafeteria to mug a little bit of vocabulary and I quickly realised everyone makes a big deal out of people who study in school. Everyone thinks you’re a nerd and when your results don’t live up to that (obviously they won’t as you’d be studying only a few minutes before the exam and that in no way means you can top a course), people think you’re dumb and you need to work harder than the rest. So, I closed my books and hung out with random people I met outside the cafeteria.

We had one class followed by a mini break and then an oral test. We were supposed to go in by turns and our teacher would ask us a few simple questions in spanish for about a minute or so and we’d have to answer them as quickly as possible. Well, since speaking in spanish is not yet intuitive for me, I mucked up but I didn’t mind. I had an hour before the next test which was a 1.5 hour written test. Everyone from my module were going to write the test in one huge classroom. It was the first time in my life I was ever among the first few to finish the test and walk out. I wasn’t sure if it was a good thing or a bad thing but I knew I wanted to just get out asap.

I walked back home with Maxime. Maxime, Melanie and I cooked our respective lunches together and then ate leisurely while I was getting messages from the Indians to meet them at the beach in 10 minutes. So, I headed there with Maxime and Melanie. I had taken a towel to sit on and I just chilled there on the beach with a chilled can of beer and Camile, a Singaporean who studied liberal arts in the US. She’s an event planner and hopes to stay in the lifestyle business. She’s quite cute. It felt so relaxing to just walk to a beach in the city I live in, sit on the sand and chill aimlessly. The beach was filled with Pakistanis and Bangladeshis who keep selling beers and Mojitos even though it’s illegal. Some of the Indians bonded with them and learnt about how those guys migrated to Spain illegally and then become totally legit.

We walked to an Italian restaurant nearby after dark and we ate veg pizza and a pasta. Most people drank red wine but I didn’t. I took a swig from the bottle at the end as there was a lot left and we just wanted to finish it. We decided to head to the Sants festival and I thought it was going to be fun. We took a cab and managed to get to the festival area with some broken spanish. We spent nearly half an hour to 40 minutes looking for the others at the end of which we only found like 6-7 other people head banging to spanish/ catalan rock. Everyone had a can/ bottle of beer to seem occupied if necessary, while I didn’t have one. I considered getting a beer but since I’d drank enough, I thought I’d rather not.

I was happy to meet Alex there and then make random conversation through the blaring music with few others. I hate it when people don’t remember you from the previous time they met you and they start asking you and telling you their whole story all over again! I was wondering how people in a country that’s in such deep economic trouble can afford to drink and party this much but apparently the government funds the unemployed and instead of creating jobs/ working, people want to drink, relax and be happy. What a contrast compared to the Asian countries like China, India, etc. I tried to shake a leg, look into my phone, make small talk with others around and then decided to leave after I’d hit my awkwardness limit for the day.


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