Chasing a bullet point : Chapter 14

I woke up from a disturbed sleep with a chain of really strange dreams which involved me making out with Shiva Rajkumar to bumping into Hari at a hospital in Barcelona to crazy bombings near my Rajajinagar home. I gobbled some toast and coffee before we ran to our usual bus stop where the bus no.78 arrives at 9:03. Apparently the bus no.78 was not plying today. Such a strange city. We quickly made a dash to the Sants Metro Station and took the L3 to Maria Cristina station and then took bus no.63 to school. So we have decided to walk up to the diagonal everyday no matter what and then catch a bus as there were quite a few buses plying on that road. This arrangement was probably until Joao came when it would make more sense to take a cab.

We were waiting to be assigned classrooms for the next module and I was awkwardly looking for people to sit with while we waited. Being on the phone seemed like an easy way out so I started reading some articles. So, it turned out that I’d made it to the next module (well, almost everyone else did too) The first session was like revision of module 2 and I mostly understood everything. We didn’t have the second session as we had an information session about the NIE for about an hour where I learnt that I couldn’t travel outside of Spain with my current visa. I had one class before lunch and lunch as usual was meh. I had fried potatoes, eggs and cured sausages which tasted alright but I would have prefered something more healthy.

While I was paying for my lunch, Andrea, a Romanian girl comes running up to me and says ‘Ive been waiting for you all day. I am looking for a flat and someone told me you can help.’ I was like Woah. Sure I’d offered to help people find roommates but now I was a house finder too? I didn’t want to say no, so I tried my best to help her. We chatted about real estate prices in various countries across Europe and how the northern European countries are far more expensive compared to the rest of the continent. This explained why the folks from Norway or Sweden always took cabs. 🙂

After one week of socialising overdose, most people had settled into their home teams where they seemed to find most comfort. Since you spend considerable time talking to flatmates while at home, it’s easier for you to hold a conversation without extra effort as opposed to how it is with others. I also had the additional comfort of the Indians. On our way home, we got off before our regular stop because I wanted to see this restaurant I wanted to take Karthik to sometime. This place is called ‘Metric’.

On my way home I realised that my true calling is people watching, understanding social interaction in the human race and also optimising every freaking thing in my life. I felt like I needed to spend some time trying to figure out if I can make a career out of these passions. I carried a lot of groceries home all by myself. I put everything in the fridge and settled down with my investment banking book. It was such a depressing book. The author basically wanted me to hate investment banking. It made no sense why someone would still be remotely inspired to be an investment banker after reading that book. It was so hot at home. I couldn’t wait for the winter or the fan which ever would come sooner.


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