Chasing a bullet point : Chapter 15

I think I have never been a touchy person in life or been cuddled by parents a lot as a kid and more so as an adult. Only after I got married have I had access to constant human touch. I would say it has been more on the excessive side. While it’s a great thing when you have access to it, it can also be super depressing if you don’t have any access to it. I think today has been terrible in terms of how I have been coping with the lack of human touch in my life here in Barcelona. One might argue saying I get to cheek peck people here all the time but in my defence, it’s merely a protocol and hardly comforting. I miss a genuine bear hug from a friend. I am yet to make that kind of friends here (genuine bear hugging types). Since we are equipped to think more as adults, we tend to overanalyse and be cautious bringing new people into our social circles since everyone already in it has an allocated role and maybe we’re not recruiting any more.

During one of the early breaks in school today, I bumped into Chris who had remained in module 3. However, he said everything was making so much more sense now that he was with the students who had moved up from 1 to 2 and the teacher taught them bearing that in mind. I wondered if I’d be better off repeating 2 but I think being challenged works better for me else I’d probably become complacent. I sat with some Chinese and Japanese for lunch as they insisted I sit with them. Since the summer break is over and the school has restarted, the cafeteria gets bloody crowded. So, if you’re not out in the cafeteria at 2pm sharp, you’re a little bit screwed. Also, having said that there’s lesser pressure if you’re not the first ones picking up your food.


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