Chasing a bullet point : Chapter 17

The highlight of today had to be my 15 minutes discussion with the French guy, Mathieu (Apparently I pronounce the name wrong according to Maxime but his argument makes no sense to me) over the coffee break at school. He has self funded his tuition and expenses at IESE and all this through a business he set up about 1.5 years ago so he could put himself through school. He has a trading business in which he imports phone accessories from manufacturers in China and sells it in France for let’s say a reasonable margin through his channel of distributors. He has also managed to get around the taxes as his company is not based in Mainland China. He has also rid himself of the hassle of employing someone to run his business as he has outsourced operations to someone in Paris who comes pretty cheap because she needs to show a limited income in order to evade tax herself.

I was inspired to be an entrepreneur as well and potentially find partners for my business while at B-school. While I was in the middle of quickly writing this post over the lunch break, Judy, the curious Chinese and Paaritosh, the selfie man came over to check what I was up to and shared that they though I was a introverted and a nerd respectively as I spent my lunch breaks on my laptop (I got most of my writing done during the breaks). I was just waiting to complete 21 chapters (the jinx period) post which this would become routine. Then, Amit, the Pune guy, came over to talk about visa processes, long distance relationships and manufacturing businesses. He’s always praising me too much which makes him a little bit awkward but I might be overreacting here. He left and then Nelson (Ning Zhang) came over at the same time to bond over us being in the same section. He’s sweet and is planning to host the case study group sessions in his house as his house is quite centrally located.

After class, I walked to the bus stop with Amit and Rohan and soon, Maxime joined us. Maxime was talking about how he loves cooking for many people and I was teasing him about how he has never cooked for me. Apparently, Rohan wants to start an online business with his girlfriend who has moved to Barcelona now. This got me thinking about how the one thing I really need to achieve through this MBA is equipping myself to be an entrepreneur. I realised that this was the trigger for me to apply for an MBA in the first place as I failed to generate revenues from Marriage Broker Aunties.


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