Chasing a bullet point : Chapter 18

It’s one thing to learn a new subject by internalising concepts by relating it to the world around and another to learn a language all day for two weeks continuously. You’re essentially mugging when it comes to a new language and if you’re not good at mugging in general, it’s quite taxing. All I did most of the day was mug for the spanish test. Written test which was first went pretty bad and I felt the need to redo both modules. Oral test went OK I thought as I understood all questions the professor asked me even though I stuttered a bit while answering them. Just finishing it was such a relief!!

We were expecting heavy rains in the evening but when we got out, it had stopped drizzling. On our way home we picked up a bottle of wine each for the party we were going to later tonight. Maxime thought that I was strange because I picked the wine based on packaging but honestly, how would you know for sure without tasting it first? (Ok, I’m no wine connoisseur now) We decided to drink at home first and then head out so we drank a bottle of wine that was already at home and ate our pasta and couscous respectively. We were waiting for Janita to come over so we could all head out to the party together. Maxime opened a bottle of wine for Janita and we drank that as well. So, by the time we reached whoseever’s terrace we were supposed to reach, things had started to blur.

As usual, you hug, peck, shake hands, etc with everyone you meet on your way to a selected group you want to hang out with and seem busy. Chatted up one brit guy whose name I don’t think I even registered. Then the Brazilian, Hugo joined us and we spoke about India and Rio (which is where he is from) and I told him how it’s my dream to visit Christ the Redeemer at Rio. Decided to head to the terrace where apparently the view was better where I bumped into Alex and we chatted for a while about what I can’t remember anymore! I saw Geetika, Malvika and Sangeeta all super dressed up and hanging around. I realised at this point that names of all the Indian girls at IESE either ended with ‘ta’ or ka’. All Indian girl names end with either ‘a’ or ‘i’ because that somehow signifies feminity I think.

After a whole lot of blur, I bumped into a Russian guy, Konstantin who plays basketball and did project management in the construction industry before coming to IESE, which reminds me, Devaughn, the American also had a similar job in New York and also plays basketball. I chatted with him and one Canadian guy (whose name I didn’t register the first time he told me) over lunch and we discussed about what we missed about homes and where we want to go in the future. I have been saying such different things to everyone that I am beginning to feel like I have a split personality.

Chatted with Konstantin for quite a while and we also decided to go play Beer pong with Hunter (who seemed to be drunk and wild kitty that night) and Sam, the British guy who was so friendly. It’s a game where you’ve 6 cups of drinks on each end of a long table. If you shoot into the cup on the opposite side, the opposite person has to down the beer. Every time I lost, I found someone (Amit I think) who’d down the beer on my behalf because let’s just say I didn’t want to mix drinks. Amit was at the party with his fiance who kind of looks like him. Konstantin and I won the Beer pong challenge against Hunter and Sam.

Then I figured I was high enough and wanted to find Maxime to head home as I wasn’t confident I’d find my way back home. Ironically I had to find our way home as Maxime was not in a state to differentiate reality from fantasy at that point. I don’t remember how we got home in one piece or when Janita ended up on Joao’s bed (Ok, just to be clear, Joao was yet to move to Barcelona and Janita was going to spend the night at our place since she didn’t want to go back to her cousin’s house in that state).


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