Chasing a bullet point : Chapter 20

I had a call scheduled with Ms.Chauvet, a lady who had worked at a very senior role in Loreal with Maxime and who is currently a strategy consultant and an executive coach in Tolouse. Maxime had suggested that I talk to her to help clarify my career goals and how I can achieve them. I was thrilled that someone so accomplished was making the time to talk to a student. At first, I was unsure of the value she’d add to my current state of mind but I wanted to give this a shot nevertheless. It was a 30 minute Skype call and I started off telling her a little bit about my background and quickly went on to tell her that I wanted to be a CEO of a company someday. There you go, I had said it out loud for the first time. To someone I didn’t know. I felt like it is the first step towards achieving it (I know a billion more steps follow, but still). She was nice enough not to laugh on my face for wanting to become a CEO in 15 years.

She said she has 3 sons and no daughter and hence, she’d be delighted to guide a young girl like me. She was too kind. I came out of the call only to realise how pumped I’d felt because of the call. I knew I didn’t feel this way when I met Pascal couple of weeks ago. Probably the difference was that I felt more passionate about one over the other? I wrote to her thanking her for the discussion and Maxime said he’d write to her thanking her as well. He left to Toulouse since we have this week off. I gave him a hug at the door because I was so glad he had put me in touch with this lady but apparently the French are a bit uptight about hugs.

I was damn hungry and hence decided to go get myself a doner from downstairs. The Pakistani guy from England tried to chat me up while he was making my meal. At first it was fine, but it started to get creepy when he started telling me how despite living in Spain, he likes Asian girls better and he’d marry an Asian girl any day, at which point, I announced that I’m married and that my husband is moving here next year. This calmed him down for a couple of minutes before which he offered to walk back with me to see my flat. I quickly told him I wasn’t going home, I was getting late to meet a friend and that I would cancel the order if it was going to take any longer. He quickly finished packing my roll and I grabbed it and headed home in a completely different way.

I was scared to death on my way home and kept looking back to check if he was following me but he wasn’t. One moment I thought it was ok to be friendly with Hindi speaking people but apparently I can’t handle its consequences. Maybe he didn’t have any bad intentions and maybe it was all me but I am going to stay away from all the Indian sub continent immigrants here in Barcelona. This explains why Janita was so aloof the other day when she came to the Doner place. I am so naive. I closed the door of my flat, rolled up into my blanket and slept watching a movie so I’d be distracted.


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