Chasing a bullet point : Chapter 22

I woke up to the sound of Joao coming home from the IESE party at 4:23 am and while I lay on my bed, I could hear him swaying around the house bumping into things, dragging the chair, etc and I was sure that he was pretty hammered. I quickly went back to sleep and woke up in time for my NIE appointment. I met Konstantin at Entenca and he said he’d follow my directions since he’d already trained me to use the metro yesterday. I did fine. We reached the place quite early and it was so simple – take a token, go in to the allocated counter, give your documents and finger prints, collect the acknowledgment, pay 15.6 Euros at the bank opposite and that’s it, it was done. I am officially a resident of Spain for a year and I can travel freely across the Schengen region.Since a few IESE students had their appointment all around the same time, we decided to get coffee (I would have vetoed and wanted to have gotten back home but I didn’t want to be the weird non-friendly person, but honestly, Spanish coffee? I could pass!!)  We headed back home soon after our coffee via the Metro and now, I can safely say that I’m a metro pro. All thanks to Konstantin.

Later that afternoon, Joao and I headed to La Fitora restaurant at the port all ready to start sailing. Joao and me were in a boat with Natasha, Chelsea, Hunter, Judy and Sebastian, the French. At first, we had to use the boat like a motor boat to steer ourselves out of the dock but once we were out in the sea, Sebastian with the help of Joao (both certified sailors), unfurled the sail and we were cruising away on the sea in no time. Sebastian started explaining about sailing and who had to do what task and everything, but I couldn’t bother myself with that. At first, I was tensed about staying on the boat without falling off but then, pretty soon, I calmed down and started relaxing. I had taken a motion sickness tablet that Andrea (from El Salvador) gave me before boarding the boat just in case.

We were in the sea for about 3 hours and it was so relaxing except for the part when I had to keep switching sides in order to not stay on the non-windy side because that would mean that your part of the boat would be really close to tipping into the water and I wanted to do nothing that could remotely cloud my head with the thought of taking care of my safety. In the middle, Hunter really needed to mark his territory in the Mediterranean sea, which was quite a funny episode.

After sailing, we all headed to a bar on the beach where I didn’t feel like drinking beer, so I drank Pepsi just as Joao did. Everyone else ordered Sangria, Beer and Burgers but it was an odd time for me to eat, so I decided to pass and head home instead. Joao suggested that we cook and eat together tonight. At that point I realized that Joao was more like a flatmate while Maxime seemed more like a neighbour i.e zero intersection between our lives under normal circumstances. Maxime and I were like robots in an assembly line – working independently but in perfect harmony. That too without any form of communication. It was going to be interesting trying to balance my nature of interaction with Joao and Maxime given that we all live under the same roof.


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