Chasing a bullet point : Chapter 23

Woke up with insane body pain from the basketball aggravated by the sailing, which I obviously didn’t realise while sailing. I was determined to just stay put at home and get some work done. Its a national holiday because the Catalans want independence from Spain, so essentially the entire city is out on the streets except me since I have too much homework to fight for the Catalan Independence at the moment.

I had a heavy breakfast but got hungry soon enough, so I made some chickpeas salad for myself by 12 and ate it along with my pasta left overs. I find myself feeling hungry all the time here. I don’t have access to solid quality food like I did back home. Sometimes when these basic things about your life that you always took for granted get challenged, you lose it a little bit. You start wondering why you are here in the first place. Hence, there was a lot of emotional turbulence within. I ended up fighting with Karthik for no good reason because despite promising myself not to discuss my career with him a billion times, I went back to him and he as usual came up with a new profession for me because he believed all of sudden that I was meant to do consulting.

All my classmates were out on the streets trying to join in the celebrations with others to confess their profuse conviction to see Catalunya as an independent country. I didn’t step out even once. When I saw everyone posting pictures on whatsapp and facebook and quad (It’s an IESE group app which everyone uses to keep in touch, plan events, rant about random things, etc), I was a bit jealous for being so inefficient at doing my homework.


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