Chasing a bullet point : Chapter 24

After a long day of working on my CV and having it uploaded for approval, I decided that I needed to get out and have some fun. So Joao and I decided to go meet the IESE people for drinks after dinner. We walked around the side alleys around La Ramblas because La Ramblas itself is a bit too touristy with waiters who can speak English like ‘Lady, you want to come eat some local spanish Tapas’ and you can be sure you’re going to get robbed off your money to eat some shit food. We found a nice Spanish local place called Elisabet which looked quite cheap. We had to wait for our table so Joao got a beer for himself and a red wine for me while we waited. He told me how he has a different Spanish name (Juan Diego) and a different Portuguese name (Joao Diogo) which I found damn strange while he found it so strange that we need to be named based on certain starting syllables.

We dug into some hot patata bravas, fried kalamari rings, hamon croquetes, fried pimientos and pan con tomate. It was an incredibly cheap place. Because all this plus the drinks ( 2 beers and 1 wine) and a coffee costed us 23 Euros. We spoke about our cultures and how we are so different culturally. He told me he finds it strange that I leave my shoes at the door because apparently its considered rude in Portugal to do that. I tried to reason with him about how it was just a matter of hygiene to which he suggested I wash my shoes if they get dirty. But he also said ‘Hey, it’s your house now and I should also get used to your culture so be yourself’. I think I’m going to be myself but not abuse common space in any way that could offend my flatmates.

We got done by 11:20pm and he offered to pay as he’d told me he’ll buy me dinner sometime. We went up to this bar called La Whiskeria where we didn’t see any IESE people, so we walked ahead to Ovella Negra which was getting filled with IESE people. I had first decided not to drink but I figured I needed some fuel to socialise. I asked Joao to get me a Sangria as he was already in line for the drinks. Told him I’ll pay him at home but he didn’t take any money from me later as he said he doesn’t even remember buying me a drink (I think I should go out drinking with him more often. Lol). I hung out with Janita and her friend, Pranay from Bombay who was visiting. I spoke to Alex and Eduardo about wanting to eat Paella and how Indian food is awesome. Alex bought me my second drink in return for finding him a flatmate. He told Emilio about my match making skills and that Emilio should contact me to find his future wife. I was getting free publicity. It was Will’s birthday (Not the Will I knew). I went over and wished the birthday boy and tried to have a conversation with him but in vain.

For a while, I was with a few girls from our class who were discussing about men from our class, who’s hot and who’s not. I was getting pretty high towards the end of my second drink and so, I don’t know how or where I found this guy from my class but before I realised, we were walking out of the bar talking about one night stands and relationships. He told me about all the women he fancies from our class that he hasn’t done much about that so far. He told me that if a man prefers to have sex over foreplay, he probably doesn’t have the game to give a girl a good time. The only men who’d rather have sex than kiss are the ones sleeping around too much with prostitutes. I asked him a few doubts in life and he was like “Ok Pri, you’ve too many things to learn so we can’t go into the club now” and even before we knew it, we were in the club. I met Alex, Carlos, Jacob, Daniela, Janita, Joao, Bernardo, Marco, Camile, etc.

It was a club called City Hall which was filled with some weird smokey atmosphere. I remember having a lot of fun because I was dancing so well (or so I thought!). I was constantly followed by one bearded boy called Gabriel, who kept whispering in my ear that he’s from IESE but I wasn’t sure he was. Finally Joao and I decided to get out of there and we came out to see a lot of the IESE people outside the club planning to head home. Erik and Jordi were standing arm in arm swaying. I remember telling Erik that he should totally hook up with this girl from IESE because she’s so cute for him and that I loved the way they were dancing. He said she was into someone else and it wasn’t going to happen despite him liking her. Jordi and I told him that we’d make it happen for him. We were so gone. That was the first time I reached home at 6am.


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