Chasing a bullet point : Chapter 25

My morning began at 3pm as I only returned home at 6am. I clearly remember thinking I didn’t want to drink at the bar last night but somehow the moment you have a drink in your hand, people start approaching you. You might wonder why a juice wouldn’t do the job. I had an invitation for a Japanese dinner at Keita Shimizu’s house. Keita was a sea farer with NYK in Japan. He spent a few months before coming to IESE at Senegal volunteering in some development work. After his MBA, he wants to work in strategy consulting in emerging markets to help Japanese companies enter emerging markets like Africa and Central America so both can benefit from this association. I spoke with Caitlin (Rohan’s girlfriend) as Keita stays with Rohan, Rafael, Oleh and Cailtin in the flat. She seems like a really nice person, but these inter-racial relationships still baffle me.

Keita had bought some fresh fish, sea weed, wasabi paste and soy sauce and made rice and potato salad and placed it out on the table so we had to make our own sushis on the go. It was so so so yummy. I didn’t go anywhere close to alcohol while Joao broke his word and drank. I was too grossed out from the drinking last night and wanted to stay sober and talk to people. I had a nice conversation with Rafael, the Brazilian who used to have a T shirt business back in Porto Alegre where he made T shirts for fans of Football clubs. Then I sat in the balcony talking to Rohan and Cailtin and soon Jonathan, the Italian joined us. He told us that Italy has a no firing policy too like Japan and hence everybody in his office basically chilled till they’re 70 and then retired.

We bonded over how this culture absolutely sucks for youngsters and that it was just the same for me back home. He was in the public relations and communications department and he said he liked the job function and would want to stay in it but wants to work in a company that gives him a better position as he didn’t have a position back in his company in Milan. I wondered if it was the same with a lot of us? We got back home early. Yeah, 11 pm is early by Barcelona standards!


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