Chasing a bullet point : Chapter 26

Maxime came back and I had to update him about everything he’d missed over the last one week. All the stories, all the gossip, etc. I was telling him about how I was responsible for putting Joao into trouble and Joao joined us and we had a good laugh. It felt so nice be in the company of two happy people. Joao has a pretty loud voice and I was enjoying him speaking so loudly because it was like getting back at the neighbour who was playing flute all evening. While both of them had finished submitting their assignments, I was still freaking out about completing mine and they were so nice in offering to help or cook for me but I didn’t want to be that needy flatmate who they’d have to baby around.

This afternoon, I stepped out for lunch to meet Oshio Norihoko (who prefers to be called Ricko), a senior from IESE who has been sponsored by Toyota Motor Corporation (TMC). He worked in the sales and marketing team of the Lexus Business. I walked up to Sant Gervasi to meet him at Sandwichez Amigo. I got there 5 minutes early and hence, decided to get myself some salad and a coke while I waited for him. I knew he was going to be on time  as number one, he’s Japanese and two, he worked with Toyota. He said he’s not very sure about the role he’s going to get when he goes back to TMC after his MBA but he would like to move into brand management which is in the Tokyo office. He mentioned that he knows Ishii san (Toyota India MD). He said he has a mentor from Toyota Motor Europe who suggested he get an MBA from Europe to be able to realize his dreams of becoming a President/ Vice President of one of the Toyota plants across the world.

He is here with his family and like everyone else, he said it was quite challenging to pay attention to family and MBA during the first year but things had gotten better in the second year. He encouraged me to go into consulting to understand about various industries before going back into an industry role. Once I was done eating (he quickly finished his cappuccino), we walked towards Diagonal together as he had to go to a Japanese restaurant to discuss about a Sake tasting session they were planning. We hugged Barcelona style both when we met and parted.


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