Chasing a bullet point : Chapter 29

We started home at 8 as we were going to take a cab to school since classes were to start at 8:30 and we were tired from yesterday. We reached school only by 8:45 as we were stuck in a crazy jam. I hate Barcelona traffic. I was late for class but I still participated. It was a leadership and team building class that I’m not sure I’m a big fan of. While I love the concept of the case study method, I hate that people say things just for the heck of participating in class. Team work was illustrated through the American Orpheus Orchestra, which is a self orchestrated group without a conductor. There was a debate about whats good and bad about such team work. On one hand people felt there will be no scope for creative genius in such groups while others felt that most people in an educated group can manage well. I enjoy viewing everything in life through an economic stand point. I like to qualify/ quantify things but in this class, we were not being encouraged to.

Also, I was not being given a chance to talk despite raising my hand a 100 billion times. The thing that really got my goat is when the Prof. Analoes Raes, shot down Tiyago’s idea about how climatic conditions affect human behaviour. It quickly reminded me of the discussion with Karthik about higher social capital being prevalent in harder geographic conditions. Firstly, the professor not knowing about this piece of research was a bit surprising for me and also the way she just shot down his theory seemed a bit abrupt to me. What’s creepy is that I noticed that Tiago was disappointed and when I told Joao about this story later, he told me that Tiago had mentioned about this. It sort of validated my power of observation.

We had an investment banking panel towards the end of the day at school where 3 investment bankers from HSBC, Citi and BAML were invited to share their insights on investment banking with students interested in it as a post MBA career. I went purely for option value but I didn’t get much value out of it except that I realised, I can play the game. Later that night over dinner, Joao, Max and I laughed about things from school. Also, Joao and Maxime hugged. Lol.


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