Good Morning, Miss Buddha

Pri : I stopped running in life and all of a sudden, I feel so peaceful guys!
Rahul : Good Morning, Miss Buddha (his morning and my afternoon)
Inch : (Still sleeping)

These two people have taught me how to laugh and lent me their shoulders to cry on. As I write this, my eyes well up just remembering the great times we spent sitting on our bikes in the college parking lot laughing about everything under the sky. These two are like my drops of sunshine that I can carry on a rainy day. Some friends are forever and Rahul and Inch are mine!

For the last 3 months at IESE, I have been running life a horse with blinkers. I have been swept by the tide of summer internship desperation along with all the others in school until I hit a rock on Friday. It was the final day of the communication week at school. We were learning to be better communicators, which I had quite honestly looked down up since I thought it added little value to my already well developed communication skills. Surely, the more humble ones had managed to reach yards beyond me in communication, for whom, I was genuinely happy. Anyway, this week was more than just developing oratory skills, it was about tearing down walls, building bridges, connecting heart to heart with people, making new friends and keeping our arms wide open.

Maty Tchey, the head trainer was a little bit of a crazy person but I was struck by her consistent optimism and smile that was so contagious. She got all 290 of us to sing, dance, scream and finally give out free hugs to people around us in the room. Doing this was like a gushing stream crashing against the rocks to just slow down a little bit. It hit me at that instance that I was in a room with 289 other people representing 57 countries and this was a chance that I’m never going to have again in life. It made me wonder why I’ve been running in meaningless selfish pursuits of trying to secure a summer internship instead of finding my passion in an industry/ company I want to really make a difference in. This was reinforced as I struggled to complete my cover letter for banking and consulting when I was falling short of words to justify why I wanted to work for their companies.

All your priorities in life start falling in place once you’ve slowed down just a little bit to think and reflect. When you slow down and look around, you find people, friends and new possibilities that are extending their hands to hold you still while you find your place in life. I was so happy when I was hugging people in the Aula Magna. Imagine how it would be to have a friend to share your love every minute of your life. I’d rather fill my life with love and happiness than trying to make time for every workshop thrown my way at school because I don’t know if I’m even going to live long enough to benefit from any of these workshops!

One thought on “Good Morning, Miss Buddha

  1. The phrase “headless chicken” comes to my mind. Sometimes you just run because you see people around you running. And soon you'll find that the path on which you're running resembles a drunkard's walk, and that you're getting nowhere.

    That's when you need to pause and think as to why you're running


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