Decision Analysis : Changed my life forever yet?

What do you want to be when you grow up? I think I’ve been asked this question more number of times than I’ve actually liked to answer. Despite being asked a billion times in life, I don’t have an answer yet. I wonder what Steve Jobs or Marc Zuckerberg said when they were young about what they wanted to be when they grow up. I wonder if this question still haunts Marc. I hope it does. Being asked about your choice of career is normal and so is stressing about what to answer as it is an indicator of how certain you are about “big” things in life and it is also a little something for people to nibble on about you.

Yesterday, towards the end of my decision analysis class, I had a bulb moment. I had identified my personality life. I am structure averse, I don’t appreciate attention to details when I’m more interested in the bigger picture. If I can make a quick decision about something, I’d rather do it in 15 seconds than 60. I have never been good at tallying numbers. I appreciate the human aspect of things over numbers sometimes. When a banker asked me what percentage of the overall cost of a car is the manufacturing cost (since I claimed on my CV to have effected a 30% reduction in the manufacturing cost of a loss making car at Toyota) and actually not how I managed to crack it, that’s when I realised I am incapable of appreciating the purely numbers driven approach of a finance person/ banker. 

As much as I am fascinated by capital markets (which I came to realise as I spent hours watching/ re-watching too big to fail and inside job and trying to understand everything about the 2008 Financial crisis), I am too distracted a child to be able to view business problems only through the numbers glasses. Could this decision analysis class have completely changed the rest of my life? 


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