Bribery in Barcelona

I can’t believe I live so close to a beautiful beach town called Sitges. It is a beautiful little town 30 minutes train ride from Barcelona. I hadn’t realised how easy it is to get there. It had winding and narrow alleys like in Venice and ups and downs like in Santorini. It has quite an active dining/ drinking scene. Cost of living seems to be significantly lower than in Barcelona. It was beautiful to just walk around and enjoy the good weather today.

I used my T-10 ticket to get to Sitges, however, when I tried to use the same ticket to get out of the Sants station on my way back, I was not allowed to get out. When we asked the inspector there, he said that we could not travel in Zone 4 with a T-10 ticket, which we were unaware of. He asked us to pay 100 Euros as a fine. Then after much haggling, he brought it down to 50 Euros and then finally to 50 Euros for all of us put together (Helena, Anna and me). When we realised he was asking for a bribe, we put our put down and said we could not pay that much. He said he’d call the police and we said that we could wait for the police.

We stood around for 30-40 minutes after which time we decided to plonk ourselves at a nearby bench. Seeing that we weren’t going to give in (since there was no police coming anyway), he asked us to pay 6.15 Euros per person for which we’d get a ticket. We paid and and got out. As we walked out of the station, some guys in a car hooted at us three. All of a sudden, I didn’t miss India at all.


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