Happy New Year (2015)

Finally, it’s 2015. I’ve waited almost forever for this year to come because I like some numbers and I couldn’t care too much about a few others. I had great plans of making new year resolutions and trying to keep them up for once but I haven’t managed to even come up with a list of resolutions yet. Epic fail. As a consolation, I have decided to renew some lost principles that will guide my actions rather than slave drive – Live in the present.

I’ve found myself being extremely scattered through the last few months of 2014. I heard a lot of my classmates at IESE say that they had high ADD days and possessing that label (or an excuse) comforted me. Thus, I never bothered dwelling deep and resolving my issue. If I can find ways to gather myself from all over, may be I can stick to my year’s guideline – Live in the present.

Through this year, I hope to discover ways to live in the present. So, happy new year to me.


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