The lure of a closed treasure


Why is an Indian saree more beautiful than a bikini? Why does watching a trailer to a movie give us such a rush? Why is a closed treasure chest more tempting than an open treasure? I found my answer last night in a beautiful studio tucked away in a quaint building in one of the alleys of Sant Antoni in Barcelona. Two intense hours of sketching soaked in the yellow ambience of the studio that was floating in some fabulous jazz music helped me collect myself which had been lying scattered everywhere in the last few days/ months.

I could see nothing but lines and shadows for a while. I hardly noticed that the object we were sketching was a live model wearing nothing but earrings. Pauline is a gorgeous young woman with a great body but the problem is in that setting I didn’t once realise that she was human until 40 minutes later I started working on the details of her toes and palms and watched her twitch like a baby trying to wake up from deep slumber – slow and sensual.

But no part of me twitched in excitement as I watched her top to bottom (Women are inherently bisexual or at least bi-curious) because she was so naked. I had nothing to look forward to. I had seen it all. A saree shows you tiny bits of a woman’s body in a way so sensual that it makes you wish you could see just a little bit more. When you watch a closed treasure chest, you’ll be buzzing with curiosity until it is opened. It’s the joy/ rush of having something to look forward to that makes a saree or a closed treasure or a trailer more exciting.

Nevertheless, last night was hands down the best night I’ve spent in Barcelona simply because it had such a local culture flavour to it. All that I’d heard about art and openness in Barcelona seemed to be packed in a beautiful two hour zen session of sketching. I did learn a thing or two about sketching, jazz and people in Barcelona (non-IESE of course)!


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