Indo-Italian duel

Just a world view on my interviews today – It seemed like the Italian comeback against India for the putting the Italian Marines under trial. How could an Indian MBA student possibly be massacred by Italians in two different interviews of two different companies from two very different industries on the very same day unless there was a backstory, plot and a controversy involved?

On a more serious note, who would have expected an MD to spend 80% of an investment banking interview asking a summer associate candidate about consolidation? I was so pumped to discuss about the dipping oil prices and how that affected how much more the Russians were paying for the MBA program compared to all of us, but all my dreams were crushed when he started dictating numbers on the balance sheet. As if that wasn’t enough, I was hoping that meeting an ex-BMW guy would take the pressure off a consulting case interview while we bonded over ramp up production patterns of new automobiles, but all he gave me was one and a half smile (the half one for thank god, this meeting’s over).

Surely, I’m not getting job offers from either of these guys, but this brings forth an important issue. I really need to fix my Indian ties with these Italians before I decide to apply to Ferrari. I should hang out more with Enrico from my class. But for now I’ll start with watching Godfather back to back. Buonanotte!


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