What a case interview does to you


I had this long and interesting conversation with my classmate, Achint last evening when we bonded over being unsuccessful at structuring our thoughts in case interviews. We were trying to find a rationale as to why we could’ve had a problem doing so and we came up with the hypothesis that if you were either an entrepreneur or a general manager, you almost always worked in a very unstructured environment juggling several things at once and spent most of your time firefighting with your safety shoes on. Nobody ever asks you to take a minute to collect your thoughts or lay them out in three pretty points on a platter. So, sitting in my suit and stilettos being pushed to come up with a recommendation about a make or buy decision (which I did for a living at Toyota for 5 years by the way) in yesterday’s interview reminded me of Chandler Bing being forced to smile for a picture in this episode of Friends (the American sitcom) –

. As you’ll see, it’s not like Chandler doesn’t know how to smile but he just can’t do it in front of a camera. It’s just not him. So that’s what a case interview does to you – it makes a Chandler out of you.


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