Clubbing in Barcelona

I had gone to 4 clubs here in Barcelona – Astoria, City Hall, Ker and Bling Bling (Yeah, I haven’t done Sutton yet) but until last night, I hadn’t been able to differentiate between them. You walk into a large smoky room filled with way too many people, not so crowded bars, really blaring crappy music sprinkled with occasional scratches on the disc and if you’re lucky, the DJ will probably throw in Avicii’s Wake me up sometime during the night. It might be my own lack of attention to details but I noticed something outstandingly different about this club – Bling Bling. This club has poker faced, pelvis thrusting models prancing around atop bars in velvet body hugging costumes, 8 inch heels and truck loads of make up. While I stood staring and wondering about what was going on in the head of the model dancing in front of me, I was caught off guard by Daniela laughing at me (standing still and not shaking it is inappropriate club behaviour that deserves being laughed at). With hands tucked deep in my coat pocket (I still haven’t recovered from the pick pocket episode at Ker and hence, I was holding on to my phone in my pocket), I wondered if anybody was looking at these women or men (Ok, I might have looked at them once because it was my first time at Bling Bling and I was surprised to find these installations). People were too busy swaying to the music, dancing themselves or making their way to dance in a less crowded part of the club to even look at these dancers. For a while, I managed to shake a leg or two with Daniela, Camile and Jacob before I had had enough of being sick worried in the back of my head about losing something. As I walked back home, thanks to my ever-optimising head, I wondered what a waste of operational cost it might have been for this club to have such dancers as I assumed the guests were indifferent to this offering. But I was wrong. After a little survey, I learnt that people love having these women up there not because they are watching them during the length of their stay but the idea of having them up there is like having a cherry on the top. This was clearly how this club differentiated itself from the other clubs (crappy music, smoke, too many people and less crowded bars being a constant). Are people capable of distinguishing clubs at 2am? No, of course not. The decision of which club to hit post drinking (hence less crowded bars at clubs, unless they have a cover charge which entitles you to a “free” drink) is made at 11pm when you decide to head to bars closest to the clubs you want to go to. So essentially at 11pm, once the decision of which bars you will head to is made, these models are just sunk cost.


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