Accounting in a basketball game

I ran up and down the basketball court at least 42 times this evening, but all in vain, which later on turned to pain. I managed to injure myself twice – a guy from the other team rammed head on into me and I was thrown off a few metres and landed on my left thigh and another time, the same guy elbowed into my forearm. Until the first injury, I was only warming up and getting my game going, but soon enough, I realised I was aimlessly running up and down the court without really adding value to the team since I was defending a guy who was hardly ever getting a pass. I wondered if I was what you’d call an overhead to the team – just there to make up the team but not really adding any tangible value.

After my second injury, I was dysfunctional for a few minutes and I got a lot of passes I let go off in those few minutes and soon enough, I became a liability – butter fingers. I kept losing the ball and naturally after a point, I wasn’t really getting the ball except rebounds. I am not sure what the team thought, but since I was on it, I figured, I must cut our losses (get in a substitute) and move on. Well, it was 7pm already and it was time to go anyway. Wasn’t my best game, for sure. Sigh!

So, I have assets like a blue arm, swollen calf and a bruised thigh. On the liability side, I’ve some assignments due for tomorrow. I’m not sure this analogy will get me a good grade in accounting this term.


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