When my spring wardrobe arrived a bit early!

For the first time in 6 months, tonight, all the girls from my MBA class (section) got together for dinner at Labarra Barna. Earlier weather forecast had predicted snowfall tonight but it eventually didn’t turn out to be accurate. I knew there was going to be a picture taken at some point during the evening and hence, I wore a dress to look all ‘girlie’ (or at least my naive ill-informed idea of it). It was a dress with a crochet top and some sort of a crepe bottom. The bottom part had big and beautiful flower prints (pink, yellow, grey). I reached the restaurant half frozen and took off my coat, etc and one of my classmates exclaims at my dress – ‘Oh looks like the spring is here’ and another one quickly says – ‘No, the spring is not here but Priyanka’s spring wardrobe seems to be here already!’.

Until that point, I was unaware of the existence of such separate wardrobes for different seasons. Well, don’t blame me. I come from Bangalore where it’s even hard to tell if we actually have 4 ‘different’ seasons!! Essentially, you can wear anything from your wardrobe at any given point of time in Bangalore unlike in Barcelona. I had committed a fashion error and it seemed quite pronounced in this setting with only girls. The last time I was in such a large group of girls only was in 7th grade during our post exams meals at Gokul Veg, when most of our focus again was on clothing (Aishu’s in particular). So, yeah, girls talk about clothes. We also spoke about a lot of other interesting things that I wouldn’t have ever imagined being discussed among a group of girls simply because I’ve never done this until this point in the whole of my adult life!!

It was indeed a lot of fun and I look forward to more such interesting nights! Cheers!


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